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  • From Devotees
    Charana Pahadi

    This is the famous place where one can see the impression of Krishna’s lotus feet on top...

  • From Devotees
    Chota Bathain (Bathain Kurd)

    Here in this village one can see Kuntala-kunda where Krishna sometimes came with the cowherd boys who...

  • From Devotees
    BADA BAITHANA (Bathain Kalan)

    There are two villages located very close to each another; the first one is called Bathain Kalan,...

  • From Devotees

    This isolated and untouched verdant forest is still much the same as it was even in ancient...

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TOVP Construction Resumes

Thepranams TeamSeptember 22, 2020
From Previous Acharyas

Responsibilities Entrusted To Our Previous Ācāryas

Srinivasesvara DasSeptember 22, 2020
From Devotees

Chota Bathain (Bathain Kurd)

Thepranams TeamSeptember 22, 2020