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  • From Devotees

    This is a very famous ghata that has been glorified throughout the Vedic literatures as well as...

  • From Devotees

    There is a famous Shiva-linga located at this ghata known as Chinteshwara Mahadeva, that is said to...

  • From Devotees
    DAUJI (Baldev)

    Here one can see the largest and most famous deity of Lord Balarama in the whole of...

  • From Devotees
    VANDI ANANDI (Bandi)

    This is the celebrated village where two very devoted ladies once lived, whose names were Vandi and...

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Bhaktivinoda Thakura
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What Is The Symptom Of Disobeying The Spiritual Master?

Thepranams TeamNovember 24, 2020
From Devotees


Thepranams TeamNovember 24, 2020
Hindi Short Videos

Japa Talk by HH Lokanath Swami

Thepranams TeamNovember 24, 2020